YG // Vogue Theatre

Nov 21, 2016 - For Beatroute BC & Vancouver Weekly.  Review by Austin Taylor for Beatroute below.  Review by Dominic Haye for Vancouver Weekly in progress.

Rapper YG, a Brazy Bompton native, took the stage twice Monday night with two sold out shows at the Vogue Theatre for the Vancouver stop of his Fuck Donald Trump Tour. The venue’s air was heavy with the aroma of a particularly dank sativa, mixed with Polar Ice vodka shots and, at the earlier all ages show, a side of “Mom, I’ll be home by 10.”

Dressed in the current go-to California closet ensemble of designer plaid, ripped jeans, Eazy-E shades and shiny gold trainers, YG 400 finessed some signature tracks like “Toot It and Boot It,”“Who Do You Love?” and “Why You Always Hatin’?” The massive nine-foot tall monitor behind him broadcasted images of flowing malt liquor, palm trees and prescription bottles full of dried herbs, hyping up the crowd who simultaneously roasted blunts, echoed lyrics and beat each other up.

YG took the time to reach out to shirtless audience members and also pull out his phone to check the last-minute score of the Raiders game. The show peaked as YG took a Trump-esque mannequin onstage, stomping its head while the crowd chanted “Fuck Donald Trump.”

The after show scene outside the venue saw attendees posing for selfies with dismembered limbs of Donald Trump in YG hoodies and trying to convince limo drivers to take them back to the burbs. Satisfied.




YG Setlist

  1. Who Shot Me
  2. BPT
  3. Party
  4. Bond
  5. Twist My Fingaz
  6. Bicken Back
  7. Really Be
  8. My Nigga
  9. Get Rich
  10. Toot It & Boot It
  11. Left Right
  12. Get Low
  13. Don't Tell 'Em
  14. Who Do You Love
  15. Hatin
  16. Blacks & Browns
  17. Still Brazy
  18. One Time
  19. FDT

No Setlists for RJ / Kamaiyah