Silettoettes // VENUE

Jun 10, 2018 - For Blueprint Events.  From their Facebook group:

"What are the StilettoEttes?

The “StilettoEttes” are a young, confident and talented troop of ladies. They are empowering, energetic fashionistas who are beautiful both inside and out. They exude warmth and are ready to inspire, supportand motivate other women. Most importantly, the Stilettoettes are focused on giving back to their community and learning the value of charity. This lovely group of ladies is managed by LA and Vancouver’s top working celebrity dancers in the industry. In this programthey learn about fashion, performance, beauty, fitness, nutrition, dance technique, image, modeling, charitable, event coordinating and fundraising. They also learn about professional standards and becoming a marketable enterprise by bringing in and training with top professionals who are knowledgeable in specific styles, education and industry. We strive to create a supportive family environment, teaching women how to create positive movement in their city and embrace beauty inside and out. "