Jane x Julia // Engagement

May 5, 2017 - It's pretty wild to see some of your closest friends who you've spent the greater half (or more) of a decade growing up alongside you getting engaged, having kids, getting mortgages and so forth.  I guess adulting is a lot more difficult than I anticipated but I think it's wonderful to see people grow into who the are now and establish themselves as mature and capable individuals in our society.  

Cutting the commentary, I was more than exhilarated to take some engagement photos for two of some of the closest I hold dear to my heart - my friends (and essentially sisters) Jane and Julia.  I'm so excited to see them experience the rest of their lives together, grow old and all that lovey-dovey sappy stuff.  Here's some of my favourite ones below!

Hoping to get some more portraits done as we'll have some more daylight to work with in the summer - so couples, singles, whoever - hit me up!