Porter Robinson x Madeon [Shelter Live Tour] // Vogue Theatre

Dec 6, 2016 - For Beatroute BC.  Review by Prachi Kamble.

VANCOUVER — Earlier this year, long-time friends, Porter Robinson and Madeon, collaborated on “Shelter,” a single that bowled their fans the world over. The success of the single culminated in a North American tour, with two sold out nights in Vancouver, of the same name.

Vancouver’s Vogue Theatre provided a technically excellent and loving home for the DJs to unfold their large, creative wings. A massive LED screen stretching from floor to the ever-so-tall ceiling was the canvas for Robinson and Madeon’s ambitious visions. Two Macbook-laden stations, set up side by side, had their own mini-LED screens stacked in front of the giant mama screen with an added light show of the highest caliber. From these two magical pods, the guys played electronic drums, keys, and other secret digital instruments together.

The 90-minute set was sheer beauty. Robinson and Madeon mixed each other’s songs in intricate time to never before seen visuals, which gave the experience an exclusive feel. All the fan faves were there including “Flicker,” “OK,” “The City,” “Language,” “Divinity” and “Beings.” The show also opened and closed with two very distinct versions of “Shelter,” one a steady warm up, the other a climactic earth shattering proving the duo’s genius.

The visual presentation combined Madeon’s robotic sophistication with Robinson’s dreamy and emotional content. Abstract, geometric graphics were abound, and consisted of rainbow TV static, surreal anime, raging flames, plumes of smoke, calming clouds, celestial skies, galaxies and candied Martian landscapes. So much thought had gone into marrying the visuals and sounds together that the end product was a highly textured piece of art.

Robinson and Madeon had quite the way with the crowd as well. Their energy was infectious and their little quirks made the performance nuanced and personal. The intimacy of the venue allowed every expression of awe, gratitude and excitement on their faces to be seen. The chemistry between Madeon and Robinson was electric and their friendship was alive on stage. These guys love playing music together and feeding off of each other’s vibrant energy.

The potent strobe lights, bold visuals, high-energy beats and heart wrenching melodies made for a show that was liquid energy. It was so much more than you would expect from an EDM concert. Robinson and Madeon have both evolved artistically with this choice amalgamation of their talents. The Shelter Tour is a testament to the power of collaboration, of a genuine, selfless friendship, of a good freaking party, oh yes and massive confetti explosions!

With support from San Holo

Shelter Live Setlist

  1. "Shelter(With Language hook intro and samples of "Divinity")
  2. "Pay No Mind" / "Easy(With samples of "Nero - The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)")
  3. "Sad Machine" / "You're On" (With samples of "Only Way Out")
  4. "You're on" / "Fresh Static Snow"
  5. "OK" / "Lionhearted(With samples of "Albatros" and "La Lune")
  6. "Flicker(With samples of "Pay No Mind")
  7. "Finale" / "Cut The Kid"
  8. "ID" (With samples of "Sad Machine" & "Cut The Kid")
  9. "Imperium(With samples of "Ubelkeit")
  10. "Pop Culture / "Say My Name"
  11. "Technicolor / "Divinity" / "Innocence"
  12. "La Lune" / "Sea of Voices" / "Natural Light (2016 edit)"
  13. "Fresh Static Snow"
  14. "Home"
  15. "Beings"
  16. "Pixel Empire"
  17. "Fellow Feeling" / "Icarus(With samples of "Pixel Empire")
  18. "Goodbye to a World" (With samples of "Natural Light")
  19. "Shelter" (acoustic version) / "Language(With samples of "Technicolor") (Encore)