Chantal Dorval [Portraits] // Leeside Skate Park

Aug 2, 2016 - First of all, shout to Jamie Edgar for setting up the joint-photographer shoot!  We had tried to organize something in the past but unfortunately it was near impossible to find a model so we ended up photographing each other.  Luckily this time, Jamie introduced me to Chantal and she was absolutely amazing in front of the camera (and also a total sweetheart!)  

It was super interesting to see how another photographer interacts with their models - Jamie pays such a close eye to detail, knows how to make such precise adjustments and always has an idea of what he wants in his head.  Myself on the other hand, am completely more passive in regards to posing,  am more into throwing ideas out and basing my adjustments based on the model's personality and energy.  Neither are wrong, but just different ways of approaching your subject - and I think it works out great for the both of us!  

We completed three looks, which are compiled in three separate slideshows below:

Look 2

Look 3

Behind the Scenes footage by the lovely Jillian Grady.