Decibel Magazine Tour // Commodore Ballroom

April 2, 2016 - Quick reblog for Aesthetic Magazine.

"Norway-based black metal band Abbath, who released their self-titled debut album on January 22nd, 2016 via Season of Mist, performed at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver last night as part of the ongoing Decibel Magazine Tour with Oakland, CA-based doom metal band High On Fire, who released their seventh album, Luminiferous, on June 23rd, 2015 via E1 Music, extreme metal band Skeletonwitch, who released their fifth album, Serpents Unleashed, on October 29th, 2013, and Swedish death metal band Tribulation."




  1. Strange Gateways Beckon
  2. Melancholia
  3. Randa
  4. Ultra Silvam
  5. Holy Libations


  1. I Am of Death (Hell Has Arrived)
  2. From a Cloudless Sky
  3. Burned from Bone
  4. Upon Wings of Black
  5. Choke Upon Betrayal
  6. Well of Despair
  7. This Horrifying Force (The Desire to Kill)
  8. Beyond the Permafrost
  9. Unending, Everliving
  10. Black Waters
  11. Serpents Unleashed
  12. Beneath Dead Leaves

High On Fire

  1. The Black Plot
  2. Carcosa
  3. Rumors of War
  4. Speedwolf
  5. Fertile Green
  6. The Falconist
  7. Cometh Down Hessian
  8. Baghdad
  9. Blood from Zion
  10. Snakes for the Divine


  1. To War!
  2. Winterbane
  3. Nebular Ravens Winter (Immortal cover)
  4. Warriors (Immortal cover)
  5. Ashes of the Damned
  6. Fenrir Hunts
  7. Tyrants (Immortal cover)
  8. One By One (Immortal cover)
  9. Count the Dead
  10. Root of the Mountain
  11. In My Kingdom Cold (Immortal cover)
  12. All Shall Fall (Immortal cover)