Daughter x Dralms // Vogue Theatre

March 18, 2016 - Again, another reblog from Vancity Buzz with the review done by the lovely Vanessa Tam.  You can check that out here.

I had covered Dralms as I arrived a bit earlier and although indie isn't necessarily my cup of tea, I felt like they were ill-prepared due to the cancellation of Wilsen.  The energy was low and some of the vocals felt out-of-key.

And up next was the headliner, Daughter, hailing from the UK.


Unfortunately Dralms' set is unavailable.


  1. How
  2. Tomorrow
  3. Numbers
  4. Alone / With You
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Human
  7. Doing the Right Thing
  8. Shallows
  9. Home
  10. No Care
  11. Winter
  12. Smother
  13. New Ways
  14. Youth
  15. Fossa
  16. Made of Stone (Encore)