San Francisco & Oregon Coast

Not too long ago I was planning a small get-away from the city with my dear friend Josephine - what was supposed to be a small trip through Astoria, Oregon down the coast ended up with us driving all the way down to San Francisco even if only for a day trip (six hours..)  Regardless, I always forget how much I love the bay area - there is beautiful architecture, a plethora of culture and captivating individuals.   We obviously took a drive through Golden Gate Park as well as the Palace of Fine Arts, the "Full House" and the gorgeous Twin Peaks.  I wish I could've snuck in a bit more "street" photography from Fisherman's Wharf but I think it's important to just take things in sometimes, especially when you're with the ones you love.  PS. I tried In-N-Out for the first time and Canada needs to get on that.  ASAP.

After our mere six-hours in San Francisco, we took the drive back up to Medford, Oregon to stay the night before hitting up the Oregon Coast.  I'm not sure I can find the word for it - but I haven't felt so taken aback by such beauty in my life in such a long time.  When I saw Alaska last pales in comparison to how I felt when we rolled into Cape Perpetua.  I finally understood why people enjoy small towns - one would never get tired of hearing the sound of the Pacific Ocean crashing along the shoreline, one wouldn't get tired from looking onto the horizon and one would never get tired of the winding drive that divides land from water alongside the forests of Oregon.  Anyway, I'll stop going on and let the photos below speak for themselves.  Thanks again Jo for the amazing trip, it wouldn't have been the same with anyone else.