Jasmine // Portraits

January 18, 2016 - So 2015 for me was kind of all over the place, kinda just shooting odds and ends - mainly portraiture and concerts.  It's been almost five years since I've picked up a camera and finding a style has been more than difficult, as I often find myself catering to what the client is asking for.  Come 2016 and I'm hoping to hone my style in a bit so you will more than likely see some change in the upcoming portrait sessions to come - drawing inspiration from but not limited to Jordan VothRyan LongneckerDon + Loren, and Loren X Chris.

And since my 70-200 is currently under maintenance, I decided I'd play with my 85mm (Nikon 1.8D) as it's sadly been collecting dust ever since I bought it.  I regret not picking it up sooner as I instantly fell in love with it.  I can only imagine the creaminess that comes out of Canon's 1.2L series...

Anyway, gear aside, here's my friend Jasmine at the Pier in North Vancouver: